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Blame it on the rain

By David Cameron - | Comments: 5 comments

“You're not going to have an easy job with the blog this weekend,” Alexa noted in passing when we spoke ahead of my flight to Brussels: when I asked her what she meant she would only state enigmatically that's I'd see when I got there. But Spa is always a bit difficult: it's in the middle of nowhere really, so it's not the easiest place to get to, and it always rains, but after a few trips there you just assume it won't be easy and just get on with things and hope for the best. And I still love coming here, of course: it's Spa, after all.

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All change

By David Cameron - | Comments: 4 comments

This station, the 2010 GP2 championship.Every season we have a launch before the first race to congratulate the winners from the Asia series, and to introduce the new gaggle of drivers competing this year to the world's media and invited guests, and although we work hard on improving the show each year, certain things always seem to happen.

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How well do you know your teammate?

By Feeder Series - | Comments: 9 comments

iSport's racers share more than five letters...

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The camera never lies

By David Cameron - | Comments: 9 comments

Apparently this is true, but sometimes the Cameron does...

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