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By the water cooler

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Of fans, rental car drivers, BIG posters and real men

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Everything changes

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Back in the paddock in Budapest, and nothing much ever changes. After missing Hockenheim due to a maliciously timed explosive appendix suffered by my poor wife (now on the road to recovery, even if she has to make a lot of stops along that road to catch her breath) the rest of the circus did little but moan to me about the weather in the Baden-W┼▒rttemberg region. And then they turned around and headed straight to Budapest.

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Caution: contents are hot

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This blog cancelled due to extreme heat // Istanbul is really, really hot. This may not seem like much of a revelation, but it probably needs to be repeated constantly, as everyone seems to forget it. For example, the iSport mechanics were all out to run the circuit on Friday afternoon despite the still soaring temperatures, and when they returned every one of them had their shirt off and was caked in sweat.

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The future of GP2 is secure at last

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We are now taking orders for 2030 seats: order now to avoid disappointment // The heat in Istanbul always catches everybody out: I don't know why, as it's always hot here (apart from 2 years ago when the race was a month earlier than usual, and we all had to rush out to buy jumpers against the freezing conditions, of course), but we always seem to forget about it until we arrive here. Which is probably why my jacket got so many comments.

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Hand in glove

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Davide, Karun, Nico, Jerome and Checho feature on feature race day // The early start for the feature race in Monaco always catches out a few people, particularly as it's Friday and most people think there is no racing, but you would think that at least our teams and drivers would be aware of the timings. Which was why we were so surprised when iSport's Davide Valsecchi was late into the paddock this morning, with team boss Paul Jackson arriving even later than his driver.

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