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You keep me hanging on

By David Cameron - | Comments: one comment

I don't want to belabour the point, but maybe the Europeans are right. I was certainly starting to think so this morning after the GP3 qualifying session, when the second and third placed guys (Rio Haryanto and Nico Mueller) turned up for the press conference but the poleman didn't, leaving the rest of us all standing around and waiting to see what would happen.

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DP, (mega)phone home

By David Cameron - | Comments: 3 comments

Didier likes to find new and entertaining ways to annoy us all on a race weekend: well, if you're good at something you might as well stick to it, I guess. You'd think that a major race series' technical director would be a fairly mature person, but as someone told him today, he's like an adult who acts like a kid without actually being an adult first. He tries, but he can't fight his natural attraction to nonsense.

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Plane speaking

By David Cameron - | Comments: 7 comments

The more I think about it, the more I think we weren't supposed to come to Valencia. Initially it was almost impossible to get a flight here: one airline on strike, another with no return leg on Sunday, until Marco finally found a flight from the wrong airport and told me I'd have to make do. And then when I finally got to the airport yesterday there were no planes.

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There's something about Mary

By David Cameron - | Comments: 2 comments

Rain, unexpectedly named cars and commando tactics: welcome to Barcelona! “Did you get woken up by the rain last night?” Barbara asked as we walked through the hotel's front door and tried to remember where we parked yesterday. I was halfway across the carpark before I noticed Alexa had stopped at the car right in front of the door. Doh. “It was amazingly loud: I couldn't get back to sleep.”

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All change

By David Cameron - | Comments: 4 comments

This station, the 2010 GP2 championship.Every season we have a launch before the first race to congratulate the winners from the Asia series, and to introduce the new gaggle of drivers competing this year to the world's media and invited guests, and although we work hard on improving the show each year, certain things always seem to happen.

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