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Blame it on the rain

By David Cameron - | Comments: 5 comments

“You're not going to have an easy job with the blog this weekend,” Alexa noted in passing when we spoke ahead of my flight to Brussels: when I asked her what she meant she would only state enigmatically that's I'd see when I got there. But Spa is always a bit difficult: it's in the middle of nowhere really, so it's not the easiest place to get to, and it always rains, but after a few trips there you just assume it won't be easy and just get on with things and hope for the best. And I still love coming here, of course: it's Spa, after all.

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DP, (mega)phone home

By David Cameron - | Comments: 3 comments

Didier likes to find new and entertaining ways to annoy us all on a race weekend: well, if you're good at something you might as well stick to it, I guess. You'd think that a major race series' technical director would be a fairly mature person, but as someone told him today, he's like an adult who acts like a kid without actually being an adult first. He tries, but he can't fight his natural attraction to nonsense.

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[Insert Title here]

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We've been too busy today, feel free to suggest a title!

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Divine intervention

By David Cameron - | Comments: 10 comments

Priests, Mexicans and Venezuelans = Monaco magic

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