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Mustn't grumble

By David Cameron - | Comments: one comment

Silverstone is always a difficult weekend – I don't know why, but it always seems to work out that way. And the Europeans obviously hate coming here – the money is wrong, everyone drives on the wrong side of the road, the weather is always a problem – and nothing ever goes right.

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Hand in glove

By David Cameron - | Comments: 9 comments

Davide, Karun, Nico, Jerome and Checho feature on feature race day // The early start for the feature race in Monaco always catches out a few people, particularly as it's Friday and most people think there is no racing, but you would think that at least our teams and drivers would be aware of the timings. Which was why we were so surprised when iSport's Davide Valsecchi was late into the paddock this morning, with team boss Paul Jackson arriving even later than his driver.

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There's something about Mary

By David Cameron - | Comments: 2 comments

Rain, unexpectedly named cars and commando tactics: welcome to Barcelona! “Did you get woken up by the rain last night?” Barbara asked as we walked through the hotel's front door and tried to remember where we parked yesterday. I was halfway across the carpark before I noticed Alexa had stopped at the car right in front of the door. Doh. “It was amazingly loud: I couldn't get back to sleep.”

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How well do you know your teammate?

By Feeder Series - | Comments: 12 comments

Ocean Racing Technology’s Chandhok and Parente casually chitchat

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The sun always shines on TV

By David Cameron - | Comments: 7 comments

At least it does if the TV is tuned to Valencia...

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The conversation

By David Cameron - | Comments: 15 comments

David and Alexa discuss the day in Silverstone. “Have you had a chance to start writing the blog,” Alexa asked. It was a question I was dreading, because I wasn't sure how to answer.

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