Back on track

Another week, another race weekend. It’s business as usual in GP2!

We stayed in Bahrain for Round 3 which will take place a short few days after, well, Round 2. Yes. Last week saw some amazing action at the BIC, but there is no rest for the wicked: back-to-back rounds it is in Sakhir! If you follow some of us on the social media networks, you already know that it is scorching hot here which called for a Monday by the pool for the laziest (including yours truly) or some wakeboarding action for Dani Clos, Giedo van der Garde, Rodolfo Gonzalez and Nathanaël Berthon. The Rapax boys went with their team to the national park. It was all in all a great day of fun. “I really love it here!” concluded James Calado.

We were back at the track on the following day, and were greeted by an overly excited Fabio Leimer sporting his Fernando Torres’ Chelsea jersey. And in case that was not clear enough, Arden had stuck the results of the game on their garage door “Chelsea: 3 – Barcelona: 2”. Dani Clos did not look very happy... Although we were busy with preparations for the race ahead, we still found the time to go check out the new go-kart track. It is quite amazing. We found the Trident team already there led by Julian Leal and Stéphane Richelmi and challenged them. Not good idea. We lost. It hurt. But we hear they had two professional drivers on their team and obviously, they all had better and faster go-karts than us. So clearly, they cheated.

Today was moving day for the whole paddock. With F1 gone, we are free to take over the big boys’ garages: “They’re so big you could play tennis in here!” said Scuderia Coloni’s team manager Dino Luiso. It’s true that the size of the garages is quite impressive – you could almost fit my whole apartment in it. While some of the teams were setting up, others were busy with pitstop practices. A typical Thursday at the office.

We switched offices too and moved to one of the teams’ hospitality building in the F1 paddock. “We are where Red Bull were last week”, informed us Marco Codello. “Cool!” replied Technical Director Didier Perrin. “I feel so privileged to pee-pee where Vettel has pee-peed” he joked. I was more impressed by the fact that our office has carpets on the floor and laughed when Marco took off his shoes. It feels like home already!

The temperature rose even more after lunch but when Felipe Nasr came in for sign on he did not look affected one bit by the heat: “Oh you should definitely organise a GP2 race in Brazil! First it would be awesome, then you will really know what hot means!” Maybe...But right now, we’re in Bahrain and I will be happily sat in the cool Media Centre tomorrow while the drivers will be back on the track for free practice, quail and Feature Race. I cannot wait.

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