Teammate interview – Rapax duo

Meet Fabio and Julian, One is quiet. The other one is shy. That's what they say. That's not how this interview reads!

What did you know about your teammate before this season?

Julian: Can I speak freely? (He laughs)

Fabio: You have to know that if you say something bad I will say something bad as well. (He laughs)

Julian: Seriously, Fabio is a very good driver who has won the Formula Master. He had a big crash in FR 2.0

Fabio: Ah? You know that?

Julian: Yes! You showed it to me!

Fabio: Ah yes...

(Both laugh)

Julian: I know he broke up with his girlfriend but already has another one.

Fabio: Why do you have to tell that?

(Both laugh)

Fabio: I didn’t know Julian before this season but when I found out he would be my teammate I went to check him on Internet and I saw that he was driving in F3 two years ago and last year he was in World Series. I think it’s important to know your teammate... I saw that he had a few good years but last year was more difficult for him. But I think he is a very good driver because I think everybody who is a rookie in GP2 has a tough year. I think that his second year next year could be very interesting. Now we know each other very well and we are very good friends.

What are each other’s greatest strengths?

Fabio: He is always very quick after the race to go back to the hotel.

(Both laugh)

Fabio: I need much more time after the race to watch everything

Julian: Come on! Last time you left before me!

Fabio: Yes, that was after the sprint race and I wanted to leave early to go home!

(Both laugh)

Fabio: For his rookie year, Julian was pretty good. We have been struggling a lot this year and he is trying to do his best. He is pushing me quite hard. I think he is doing a very good job. He can improve for next year.

Julian: I want to say a lot of nice things about you too, Fabio, but the problem is that my English is not so good!

(Both laugh)

Julian: But, for me, he is a really good driver. Maybe this year it is difficult for me to help him because I’m a rookie. But we are improving. He is helping me a lot. He’s always ahead of me in qualy, but in the race I try to do my best to give information to the engineers. I think Fabio is a very good driver.

Any weaknesses?

Julian: I don’t know...

Fabio: It’s difficult to say. Maybe in the qualy, Julian can still improve, but it’s his first year. In half an hour, to find the limit in the car is difficult, even for me. And in the race, he needs a little bit of time to get used to it. He may be struggling a bit in the first 5 laps but then he’s really quick. Normally in the race from the middle to the end, he is quicker than me.

Who gets to the track the latest?

Fabio: It’s actually really funny because at the beginning of the year it was Julian but now it’s more me since Silverstone.

Julian: I try to wake up three hours before Marco (Galuppi) tells me to. (He laughs) At the start of the season, Marco was always telling me that I was late and that I should take Fabio as an example... So I tried to improve that!

Fabio: Marco told me that he’s telling to be here at 9:30 but he tells Julian 8:30 because he knows he is late. But now, he is earlier than me!

Julian: In Colombia, if you tell people to arrive at 8:00, they all arrive at 8:30...! But here you need to be on time. You don’t want to be late for the start of the race!

Who is the most successful with the ladies?

Fabio: we both have a girlfriend. But it’s me. If I don’t say that, my girlfriend will be angry. I was single for a long time and this year this is already my second girlfriend! (He laughs)

Julian: I’ve been with my girlfriend for 2 years and seven months.

Fabio: Ok, maybe I lost...

Are you superstitious?

Fabio: Look to your left and you can see my really nice lucky underwear... Actually, they look quite gay but I don’t know why I was wearing them in Barcelona and I won so I kept them! It’s quite strange but it’s quite funny. But I don’t wear them every time.

Julian: They are really ugly.

Fabio: Thank you.

(Both laugh)

Fabio: Everyone talk about them and tell me the same thing.

Julian: Now everyone reading the blog will know! Next time you are on the podium... As for me, I only make a prayer but that’s all.

Who will have the best road car in ten years’ time?

Fabio: At the moment, I have a big pick up. I like it but my aim is to get an Audi R8 but first I need to make money! When you get to F1, you will have a nice car because you make money or maybe they actually give you a car, but if you don’t get to F1... (He laughs)

Julian: My dream car? I like the Subaru Impreza. You can work a lot on the car.

Who will have the most beautiful wife in ten years’ time?

Julian: You?

Fabio: Why do you say me?

Julian: I meant, you answer first!

(Both laugh)

Fabio: Well, I don’t know... I hope it will be me. For a racing driver, it’s hard because you don’t have a lot of time to spend with your girlfriend.

Julian: Colombian women are really beautiful and my girlfriend is the most beautiful.

Who has the best fashion senses?

Fabio: I don’t really care about fashion. I actually don’t like to go shopping. After five minutes, I want to go home! I don’t have that many clothes. Plus, you’ve seen my lucky underwear! (He laughs). I think Julian has a better style than I do.

Julian: I like fashion, but I’ve been wearing the same tee-shirt all year long...

(Both laugh)

Who is the shyest?

Julian: Me

Fabio: I’m also quite shy.

Julian: I am more than you. My English is not so good and I can’t speak a lot.

Fabio: True. I’m quiet. Not too shy.

Julian: I’m not quiet!

Who tells the most jokes?

Fabio: I would say it’s me. But Julian is making quite a lot of jokes.

Do you have a favourite sportsman or sportswoman?

Fabio: For me, it’s hard to say because I admire a lot of people. I don’t want to be like them, but I’m watching up to them because they’ve accomplished so much like Federer, Schumacher, Senna, Raikkonen... They did a lot for the sport.

Julian: More or less, like Fabio. But also, I like Vettej’s driving style and his mind. He is very strong. I like also Juan-Paolo Montoya. He is a bit crazy but he was entertaining.

Fabio: It’s a big shame he left F1 because he could overtake! I think no one could do it, but he could.

Julian, if you invited Fabio for dinner what would you cook?

Fabio: A romantic dinner...

Julian: I don’t know. Hot dogs. Hamburger
Fabio: How romantic!

(Both laugh)

Julian: He likes pasta carbonara and arabiata a lot! So I will cook that.

Fabio: I would cook proper Swiss food like fondue or raclette. It’s a lot of warm cheese. You either like it or hate it, but I don’t care because when you’re in Switzerland you just have to eat it!

(Both laugh)
Who has the most contacts in their phones?
Fabio: How do you see that? Every time I read the teammate interview with the other guys, they always say “I have to go check” and they find it... This is more complicated than I thought. I’m not so clever!

(Both laugh)
Fabio: 936

Julian: I can't find

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