Teammate Interview – Racing Engineering duo

Meet Christian and Dani

What did you know about your teammate?

Christian: That he is Spanish... We races some years ago in Formula 3 so I knew the name but nothing more. We met a few times in the paddock, but that’s it.

Dani: I knew he was German and I knew him from Formula 3 and from BMW. You did BMW right?

Christian: I won it.

(Both laugh)

Dani: In the paddock, we never had the opportunity in F3 to talk to each other. Maybe he was scared because I am too pretty. It happens to me all the time.

(Both laugh)

What are each other greatest strengths?

Dani: In the car, he can be really quick. That’s good for the team. When we are with the engineers, we can give good feedback.

Christian: He is one of the most experienced driver in the paddock and that’s a great advantage for the team and for me as well, especially last year. We are improving the car a lot with each race.

Dani: We’re on it! We keep pushing. Any weaknesses?

Christian: Of course. (He laughs). But I keep them secret!

Dani: He just have an ugly helmet. That’s the only weakness!

(Both laugh)

Who gets to the track the latest?

Dani: Christian.

Christian: I’m busier... I’m always late.

Dani: I got here yesterday and went to a barbecue with the team.

Who is the most successful with the ladies?

Christian: I think actually I am.

Dani: You have a girlfriend?

Christian: You don’t?

Dani: Off the record... No.

(He laughs)

Are you superstitious?

Christian: No.

Dani: I am.

Christian: Yes you are. Big time!

Dani: It’s actually more of a routine that I have.

Christian: He always has a warm up before he steps in the car which lasts at least fifteen minutes.

Dani: It’s true. I close the curtain here and you can hear some weird things.

(Both laugh)

Dani: It’s just rituals I have before I step in the car and after that I feel good and positive. Plus, my helmet is magic! It’s got a pentagram on top with magical words. Every helmet I have every year is different and special.

Christian: I always change colours of my helmet. It’s the same design, but no one else has the colours that I am using.

Who will have the best road car in ten years’ time?

Dani: Me. I’m attracted to nice, wholesome and expensive car. Right now, I like the M3 a lot. I really like to make my own car. I like old cars and I prepare them. Maybe for me it will be the best car, one I did myself.

Christian: I have a Mercedes that I like very much.

Who will have the most beautiful wife?

Dani: I want to get married, for sure.

Christian: It’s a bit early to say...

Dani: My wife will be the most beautiful no matter what. But I don’t look just for beauty in women. I’m sensitive.

Who has the best fashion sense?

Dani: Me.

Christian: Me.

Dani: You’re German. I’m Spanish, so really, me.

(Both laugh)

Who is the shyest?

Dani: Me.

Christian: Seriously?!

Dani: When I meet someone I don’t know, I’m shy!

Christian: I am not really shy. I am quiet.

Do you have any favourite sportsmen or sportswomen?

Dani: I would say Rafael Nadal.

Christian: I like Roger Federer. I like his mentality. He never gives up. He’s a bit like Nadal. I watched a game live in Australia and it was unbelievable. He always fights back. He never gives up. Always calm, not really showing his emotions... That’s the only sportsman I know who can keep so much in control.

Dani: Nadal is the same. His mentality, his strength, his training. It’s fundamental how you’ve been taught. He had good people around him and I’ve seen him a lot. He’s just a really talented and hard-worker. Sometimes you can have talent but you don’t work enough. Sometimes you work hard but you don’t have the talent. If you put the two together, bam! You have a big champion.

Who tells the most jokes?

Christian: It’s quite easy...

(Both Laugh)

Dani: Ok, but I know when to be serious. I like to see the team happy in general.

Who is the wildest on the track and off the track?

Christian: I think we’re both focus. There are drivers who are worse than us...

Dani: We are focused. Off the track, Christian goes out.

Christian: Usually yes, but this year I’m too busy.

Dani: You must go to Mercedes parties!

(Both laugh)

Dani: I live in Switzerland where there is not a lot of things to do. I am calm. I don’t do anything crazy and there I keep myself focus.

Christian: I live close to Nurburgring. It’s a very small place. It’s quiet. It’s good for training. On my free time, I do some sports and relax.

Dani: Apart from training, I have my hobby: I like to make my own cars and bikes from old cars and bikes. I’m into drifting now! I’m practicing.

Christian: I just started golf and I’m quite into now. It’s quite fun. I thought it was only for old guys, but actually it’s great. You have to hit the ball in the perfect angle. It’s very hard.

If you invited Dani for diner, what would you could?

Christian: I don’t really cook. I can do some pasta. That’s it. Or I’ll call the pizza service.

Dani: I’m actually a good cook. I would do something simple, don’t want to impress him too much. Let’s take it slow!

(Both laugh)

Dani: I would cook something simple like pan con tomate. I know that people think it’s simple and weird, bread with tomato and olive oil, but it’s actually awesome. Maybe I would could some tortilla. Something simple.

Christian: Sounds nice.

Who has the most contacts in their phone?

Dani: I think it’s me

Christian: 641

Dani: I have like 1500.


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