Teammate interview – iSport International duo

Perfect teammates? Close enough!

What did you know about your teammate before this season?

Marcus: We drove together in Abu Dhabi during the winter Series. He is a cool guy.

Sam: I tried to kill you on a jet ski.

Marcus: That’s right! Normal stuff, really. But he is easy to be around. He kicked my ass in the ART car which was also nice.

(He laughs)

Sam: Marcus has been successful in every step of his career. He won BMW the first time which is very impressive. He’s moved to British F3, then won Japanese F3. He’s still got the record for the fastest ever lap in Macao.

Marcus: You know a lot!

Sam: I studied before this interview.

(Both laugh)

Sam: I’ve raced him a couple of times before GP2. We’ve been teammates since the beginning of this season and it’s been a fun year so far.

What are each other’s greatest strengths?

Sam: He’s got a very solid technique and he is definitely not afraid in the fast corners. He’s very strong. There’s not much else to say. He is very talented and I am very privileged to be his teammate. We learn off of each other.

Marcus: I think to be honest, in the last two years of GP2, there are not a lot of drivers who are quicker than Sam. For me, to race against him and be in the same team is very good because I can look where I can improve and also we can help each other to fine tune the car. It’s the best experience I’ve had so far with a teammate. We are in a fantastic team as well.

Any weaknesses?

Marcus: Everyone has weaknesses.

Sam: What are you trying to say?

Marcus: It’s difficult to point something in particular. He likes to switch off my Swedish music.

Sam: Yes, but it is utter rubbish!

Marcus: Come on! There are some amazing bands!

Sam: It’s like listening to an alien! It’s that bad!

(Both laugh)

Sam: It’s so awful. It’s like the worst record in the world! And some of the mechanics like this one song.

Marcus: It’s awesome!

Sam: It’s just awful!

Marcus: Future UK number One!

(Both laugh)

Sam: I reckon his weakness is in his hair. You know the story of Samson. Marcus’ hair is very long now and he is very quick. I reckon we should shave his head!

Who gets to the circuit last?

Marcus: Me.

Sam: It’s a little bit like Jules last year.

Marcus: Before I get to breakfast I have to watch a little bit of TV. I’m sort of very sleepy...

Sam: You know it’s Marcus if you hear “I’m tired” or “I’m hungry”. There’s nothing else in between!

(Both laugh)

Who is the most successful with the ladies?

Marcus: We both have girlfriends.

Sam: We’re very serious. But the GP2 paddock has Stefano (Coletti) who is girl-crazy enough for the whole paddock!

Are you superstitious?

Marcus: Not really... Except for getting in the car from the same side.

Sam: Same. I had a lucky set of underwear after Monza last year because they worked pretty well. So I took them to Abu Dhabi and obviously Sergio (Perez) crashed into me in Race 2. They worked in Race 1, got them washed...

Who will have the best road car in ten years time?

Marcus: I kind of like Ferrari.

Sam: Politically speaking, I would like to have a Mercedes of course! (He laughs). Otherwise a Lamborghini C65 bi-turbo V12 black series IMG

Who will have the most beautiful wife?

Marcus: We’ll both have a beautiful wife.

Who has the best fashion sense?

Sam: Today, I win.

Who is the shyest?

Sam: Neither of us. Marcus is crazy and I am fairly crazy as well! It feels like Marcus lives on a different planet sometimes.

Do you have any favourite sportsman or sportswoman?

Sam: Anything Swedish for Marcus I guess.

Marcus: Yes! (He laughs) I think I like Valentino Rossi. I like bike riders in general I think they are very impressive. I like Robin Soderling as well.

Sam: For me, it’s Lance Armstrong, Mohamed Ali, Usain Bolt, Michael Schumacher. They are inspirational.

Who tells the most jokes?

Marcus: I would say Sam would properly win, but I would not be far behind.

You seem to be getting along together. How did the incident in Monaco happen?

Sam: The first incident could have happened to anybody. It was very unfortunate that it was me. The second one, you know what I did at the start. You know what happened there. I’m trying to get back to the pack. All that day, I believe that I was the quickest driver there and I was trying to get back up to eighth and I thought I saw a gap that wasn’t there and what happened, happened. But we’ve put that way behind us. It was actually quite easy.

Marcus: It’s never easy, but in the heat of the moment, you try your best...

Sam: When we came back to the paddock, that was not fun!

(Both laugh)

Marcus: No but racing drivers always want to win and with your teammate you should be careful. We should have done that in Monaco. We’ve learned our lesson.

Sam: We both apologised to each other.

Marcus: We most apologised to the team to be honest. They give us a good car every time and Sam and I screwed it up together.

Sam: I could have won that race by a long way I think.

Marcus: It’s only Monaco you know! (He laughs)

Sam: Rub it in! Rub it in!

Who is the wildest on and off the rack?

Marcus: Sam is always on the rev limiter off the track I would say. I’m more relaxed.

Sam: When I wake up, I’m fully awake you know!

Marcus: I think on the track, we are both wild.

Sam: I would say more that we both like to race. We both like to overtake. But I would not put us in the category of wild. There are people out there that are wild, but they are not in our team...

Marcus, you invite Sam for dinner, what would you cook?

Marcus: Swedish meatballs from Ikea of course!

Sam: Is that what you would do for me?

Marcus: I would cook fish also. I’m sure Sam would love it!

Sam: Yuck! (He laughs). I would cook you some spaghetti Bolognese, with a couple of candles...

Marcus: Sounds lovely!

(Both laugh)

Who has the most contacts in their phone?

Marcus: 309

Sam: What? No way!

Marcus: You’re going to beat me.

Sam: The person who beats everybody is Karun Chandhok anyway!


on Friday 12 Aug 2011 - 14:12 by Kat

Any music recommendations? Apart from 'I'm From Barcelona'? :D

on Friday 12 Aug 2011 - 14:22 by pneuduro

The famous Spaghetti Bolognese of Sam! <3

on Friday 12 Aug 2011 - 18:00 by Joshua

wooow, like your things on the edge Teammate interview – iSport International duo - GP2 line - Paddock 2010

on Friday 12 Aug 2011 - 21:06 by Bowe Bevonius

Great interview! Speaking of the first incident in Monco, you can buy the actual nose cone from Marcus' car here:

It's complete with tyre marks from Sam's car and everything! So, where does the money go? Beer and crisps? No way! Marcus' race engineer Gavin Jones' daughter swims for Norwich Swan Swimming Club and they are in desperate need of a new scoring board so the money for the signed nose cone will help them reach their goal.

Go, Marcus, go!
/Bowe Bevonius

on Thursday 18 Aug 2011 - 04:16 by songfang

:D yes ,close enough ,they are really handsome !

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