Teammate interview – Caterham Team AirAsia duo

One prefers the underdog. One gives the best answer ever regarding who will get the most beautiful wife in ten years. One hates technology... Oh and Luiz is in it too!

What did you know about your teammate before this season?

Luiz: Nothing much. He’s Italian and I had a few conversations with him...

Davide: Not so much. He’s Brazilian.

(Both laugh)

Davide: He was friends with my old teammate Valerio. I knew he was a good guy because I saw him and his family in the paddock, but that’s it.

Luiz: Davide is a good guy.

What are each other’s greatest strengths?

Luiz: Davide is good at bouncing back and he pushes the team a lot which is very good and important.

Davide: I think one of his best strength is that he is consistent during the race.

Any weaknesses?

Davide: I don’t know. Sometimes, he loses his way during a race weekend. For instance in Monaco it was very good for me, it’s a shame Luiz could not get good results as well. The beginning of a race weekend is always the most critical part and it’s a shame he lost some chances in Monte Carlo where everything went wrong for him from the start.

Luiz: Maybe sometime, Davide gets very angry... (Laughs) He can get very loud! He curses a lot...

(Both laugh)

Who gets to the circuit the latest?

Luiz: Oh Davide. Easy!

Davide: It’s true...

Who is the most successful with the ladies?

Luiz: We cannot say that...

Davide: I think Luiz is better than me because at the moment I am single and he has a girlfriend!

Luiz: Brazilian and Italian women are beautiful. We are very lucky.

Are you superstitious?

Luiz: Not so much. I have to get in the car from the right. I’ve done this since go-kart.

Davide: If there is something that I do and I get good results during the race, then I repeat it, like using one helmet for the feature race and using a second helmet for the sprint race... Or using the same overall for race 1 and a second overall for race 2. When the results are not good like in Silverstone, the next race, I changed everything. (Laughs)

Luiz: Even the colour of the car!

(Both laugh)

Who will have the best road car in ten years time?

Luiz: This is too difficult to know...

Davide: I have a red Fiat Punto now so I don’t think it will be difficult for me to have a better car than this one in ten years! But I think Luiz will have a better one. We will see.

Luiz: We will tell you in ten years.

Who will have the most beautiful wife in ten years time?

Davide: Well, seeing how I don’t have anyone now, I hope that the one I choose to become my wife will be incredible. I hope I will regain all the positions that I lost in the past and get extra points for being single now and have a very beautiful woman in ten years! I would really appreciate it Luiz if you let me this chance!

(Both laugh)

Who has the best fashion sense?

Luiz: Maybe Luca Filippi! (He laughs)

Davide: I don’t like fashion so much.

Who is the shyest?

Luiz: I don’t know...

Davide: We are normal. I don’t like talking to the other drivers because we have to beat them on the track. I don’t have many friends in the racing world. But otherwise I make friends easily outside the track.

Luiz: Same for me.

Who is your favourite sportsman or sportswoman?

Luiz: I like Roger Federer a lot and Lance Armstrong.

Davide: I am a sports fan. I follow it a lot. I like the underdogs. In Italy, when everyone is pushing for Rossi, I like Stoner. But now that he is becoming the best, I might change for next season. In Formula One now, my favourite is Hamilton and I am really sorry that he’s not racing for Ferrari... If he was joining the team, it would be really good. Hamilton is more aggressive than Alonso. Maybe Alonso is a bit better in the end, but Hamilton makes racing interesting.

Luiz: I prefer Alonso.

Who tells the most jokes?

Luiz: Humphrey (Corbett) I think! I don’t tell a lot of jokes.

Davide: We leave it to the team to do the jokes.

Luiz, if you were to invite Davide for dinner what would you cook? Same question for Davide.
Luiz: He likes pizza. So I will probably go and buy one. I’ll put it in the microwave and pretend I did it myself. (Laughs)

Davide: I would serve you biscuits, ice creams, ...

(Both laugh)

Davide: I’ll serve you all the things that I like so that I will enjoy the dinner.

Who has the most contacts in their phone?

Davide: Seeing how my phone is ancient and does not even have a camera, I doubt it has more contacts than in Luiz’ phone! I don’t like phones so much... Same about computers!

Luiz: You’re not even a competitor!

(Both laugh)


on Friday 12 Aug 2011 - 00:34 by Poxwell

wooow, like your things hind part before Teammate interview – Caterham Team AirAsia duo - GP2 concatenatio - Paddock 2010

on Friday 26 Aug 2011 - 12:01 by buzzoni

Davide, sei sempre lo stesso. Per questo mi piaci.

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