Teammate Interview – Carlin duo

We dare you not to laugh at this one!

What did you know about your teammate before this season?

Max: He won British F3 with Carlin. He did obviously GP2 and Macao in GT3. Apart from that, I knew was Portuguese obviously.
(Both laugh).

Alvaro: I knew that Max had one year of GP2 last season with ocean which is a team I know well. He did three years of Formula 3 in England. He is very young and he already is right up there.

What are each other’s strengths?

Alvaro: I haven’t seen much so far, but I can see that Max is improving very fast and I think he is very good in putting a lap together and that’s what he’s been showing in the last few races.

Max: It shocked me as well!

(Both laugh)

Max: Alvaro has always been quick wherever he’s been. When he joined the team I knew I’d have to up my game. He’s a great teammate. I can look at the data and see where he’s quicker and learn from him.

What are each other’s weaknesses?

Max: He has none. He is fluent in English with a good accent as well! Ok, I have one: he’s got a horrid helmet!

(Both laugh)

Alvaro: As I said, I am new to the team, but we are getting along fine. We’re working well together developing the car.

Who gets to the track the latest?

Alvaro: I’ve been improving! The team manager calls me all the time making sure I’m on time.

Max: You did drive Colin (Hayle) crazy in Valencia, having him running around and chasing you down. (Both laugh) I’d left the hotel and Alvaro would still be there looking at his iPod! If I get up late, I feel like I’m wasting the day. In Silverstone, I sleep near the track and the Silverstone Radio wakes you up at 6am...Can't be late!

Who is the wildest one on the track and off the track?

Max: I have no clue...

Alvaro: Me neither.

Max: I could teach you golf if you want.

Alvaro: Ok, but I prefer more active sports you know.

Max: There you go, Alvaro is wilder off the track then!

Who is the most successful with ladies?

Alvaro: Probably Max.

Max: I’ve been with my girlfriend for two years and a half now.

Alvaro: I break that record. It’s been ten years for me.

Max: Really? Wow...

Are you superstitious?

Max: Yes and I am getting worse as well! My girlfriend put a twitter the other days saying “Come to see Max roll it” or something like that. I told her it was bad luck and had her delete the twit. But then I felt like I was tempting fate by asking her to take it down...

Alvaro: I’m a little bit, but not that much.

Max: I have OCD. Everything has to be in place. Otherwise I don’t like it (Laughs). I have to get in the same side of the car for the whole race weekend. I like touching my head before the race, like touching wood. My team asks me if I have an itch or something! I hate people touching my head. It really annoys me because with the helmet on it’s really loud.

Who will have the best car in ten years time?

Max: He will probably get a McLaren.

Alvaro: I wish. I’m not sure about that! My contract is still brand new... Maybe one day. It would be nice.

Max: I would like a quick car, but practical at the same time.

Alvaro: A powerful diesel?

Max: I’ll think about it and will let you know.

Who will have the most beautiful wife in ten years?

Alvaro: My girlfriend is very beautiful.

Max: He is the Portuguese James Bond. He gets all the beautiful girls.

Alvaro: I only get one girl! Don’t spread rumours!

(Both laughs)

What word would you use to describe your teammate?

Max: I’ve been thinking about this before the interview. Fabio was quickest last year to call me “gay” (laughs).

Alvaro: I have an easy one “Young”

Max: Ok, then “Old” for you!

Alvaro: I’m not that old, come on! I’m 26.

Who has the best fashion sense?

Max: I have a pair of trainers this weekend, so probably Alvaro.

Alvaro: We both wear team kits and jeans. I don’t really care about fashion.

Max: Same. I’m getting more into it though through my sponsor DigDeep. I used to be very much into brands.

Who is the shyest one?

Max: We are pretty similar I think...

Alvaro: We’re pretty laid back.

Who is your favortie sportsman or sportswoman?

Alvaro: You’re going to say Tiger Woods?

Max:... No. Someone younger. Rory McIlroy.

Alvaro: I was a big fan of Senna at the time. Now I don’t really have a favourite. I like Mourinho.

Who tells the most jokes?

Alvaro: Max.

Max: It’s true, I do. I make up names, then I make labels and stick them everywhere for example. Or I glue plastic cups together and stick them on my engineer’s headsets. He has no clue! We used to have a competition also in the team to bring the most random thing on the grid. One time they brought some golf clubs onto the grid. It was a great competition!

__If you’re going to invite Alvaro, what would you cook?

Max__: I can cook. I’d make some good chicken pie.

Alvaro: A frozen one?

Max: No. A real one, from scratch.

Alvaro: I’d cook some nice Portuguese dish.

Max: I’d cook you an English roast.

Who has the most contact in their phones?

Alvaro: I don’t have many now...

Max: How about on twitter?

Alvaro: I have great fans. They’re really committed!

Max: How many contacts do you have in your phone?

Alvaro: Not a lot. Max: I have 300.

Alvaro: I have a little bit over 400.


on Thursday 11 Aug 2011 - 00:02 by Diogo

Força Alvaro!!

on Thursday 11 Aug 2011 - 18:29 by Rodry

Cool ! ! ! GO GO GO guys. Força Álvaro.

on Saturday 13 Aug 2011 - 16:35 by Rain

Haha, Max still remembers Fabio describe him with 'gay'!!!

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