Race day blues

The one with all the pictures in it

The day started with a signing session for all of the drivers, and they were really looking forward to it.

But as ever Giedo looked on the bright side, and saw it as an opportunity to reach out to his fans.

Max saw it as a chance to make new friends too.

While Luca just wished he'd listened to his mama, and packed a jacket.

The marketing people at the track were really grateful though, and gave us some presents for all of the drivers: you guys can come to the truck to claim it after reading this.

We got back to the paddock to find out that the helicopter filming the F1 qualifying session came just a little closer than usual to the paddock.

And then it was time to head up to the pitlane for the race

There seemed to be a hidden message for Giedo on the grid.

While Fabio hoped no one would notice his turbine boosters.

And Luiz had a little message from his team: Drive it like you stole it...

But the race was going to be between 2 guys.

And only one could come out on top.

While the rest of the guys had to find their own way home.

And Luca prepared for the media.


on Wednesday 27 Jul 2011 - 19:55 by Iberian M.P.H.

Nice piccies. Shame it was so cold in Germany. Come back to Portugal one day... If not Portimão, then Estoril.

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