How well do you know your teammate?

They’ve known each other for a while, fighting against one another for racing glory, but today they are teammates. Meet the most balanced pair of the GP2 paddock: Super Nova Racing’s Marcus Ericsson and Josef Kral sat down with us and proved that although they used to be rivals, they are now quite the friendly duo.

What did you know about each other before you became teammate?

Josef: We knew each other quite well from Formula BMW.

Marcus: We were fighting for the championship and we were banging wheel a couple of times, pushing each other off. It’s quite funny that we end up being teammates.

What are his greatest strengths?

Josef: He doesn’t have anything really special, but he is just overall good. I cannot pinpoint just one thing. He is overall good and I think we are quite similar. Nothing really special.

Marcus: Thank you! We are not special. We are average!

(Both laugh)

Marcus: But I agree. We are both good racer. Josef is a good starter and makes very few mistakes. That’s maybe his biggest strength.


Any weaknesses?

Marcus: It’s difficult to say. We will see this year...

Josef: Like he said, there is nothing in particular. You can always improve with every single race. It’s difficult to pinpoint one thing in particular. We will see...

Who gets to the circuit last?

Marcus: Josef because he is too lazy.


Josef: I was here earlier than you today!

Marcus: No I arrived before you but I went down to the pitlane to go watch F1 free practice.

Josef: Did you?

Marcus: Yes

Josef: Oh... Then, you have to know that maybe he gets to the track first, but I’m always on time. I’m never late. On track or at school. I’m studying economics in Prague. It’s a Masters. You never know what can happen with my racing career so... I like economics.

Who is the wildest one on track and off the track?

Marcus: I live in Norwich so...


Marcus: No, I’m joking. I like it there.

Josef: We behave.

(Both Laugh)

Josef: On track, we are not crazy. We just try not to overdrive...


Who is the most successful with the ladies?

Marcus: We both have girlfriends...

Are you superstitious?

Josef: I’m not.

Marcus: The last thing I do before getting in the car is that I need to go pee, even if I don’t need it. That’s normal. Everyone does... Otherwise, I don’t have anything special.

Josef: I don’t want to be superstitious because just imagine that I have special sunglasses and I forget them. I would panic! I think it is very unnecessary...

Who will have the best road car in 10 years time?

Marcus: Me. Because I like cars. I would have a nice car...

Josef: I hope that I will have the best car in terms of economics, but I will have the nicest car from that logic. It will be cheap, but it will look good or at least the best from the cheapest cars!



Who will have the most beautiful wife?

Josef: I do! Because I like beautiful women...

Marcus: And I like ugly women?

(Both laugh)

Josef: Where I come from, girls are beautiful...

Marcus: And they are not in Sweden?!

Who has the best fashion-sense?

Marcus: I like clothes.

Josef: Me as well.

Marcus: I would say both of us?

Josef: We like different things. I like shoes... And I like putting gel in my hair. I hate it when I don’t!

Marcus: You could just wear a hat...

Josef: I don’t have nice hats...

Marcus: That’s a problem...

(Both laugh)

Who is the shyest?

Marcus: Probably me. I’m not shy, but compared to Josef, I am shyer. Josef is very open and talks to everyone.

Who is your favourite sportsman or sportswoman?

Josef: Ayrton Senna for his driving style. He was the first one who understood that you have to be fit before a race. Everyone was like smoking and drinking and not really seeing racing as a sport. He was the first one to really define it as a sport.

Marcus: I like Valentino Rossi because I think he is very competitive and he is fantastic. No matter what bike he drives, he wins. I think he is the best. I think riders and crazier than racing drivers because we have something that protects us: the chassis. Not them!

Who tells the most jokes?

Marcus: Probably Josef...

Josef: I like to play jokes on the mechanics.

Josef, if you were going to invite Marcus for dinner, what would you cook? Same question for Marcus...

Josef: I love to cook and bake because...

Marcus: I love to order take away!

(Both laugh)

Josef: Two years ago, I was on a hard diet. I had to learn how to cook. I love Italian cuisine so I would probably cook some pasta or some steak. It’s quite relaxing to cook. Plus, you can cook it as you like it.

Marcus: I would probably cook you Indian take way! I’m not a very good cook. I would cook you Swedish meatballs. It’s quite easy to make.

Who has the most contacts in their phone?

Marcus: You probably have more...

Josef: Why?

Marcus: I don’t know.

Josef: That’s your answer?

Marcus: Yes.

Josef: ok...


on Wednesday 9 Jun 2010 - 10:04 by Emeline

Josef seems to be a very, very cool guy! And smart! Hope he finally scores some points for Super nova soon...

on Wednesday 9 Jun 2010 - 10:49 by oncy

thank you for your new post.

on Wednesday 9 Jun 2010 - 11:08 by Caaramel the Camel

Hey! I'm on the picture!

on Monday 14 Jun 2010 - 19:44 by Vittoria

LOVING these interviews! Who's next? I can't wait for the next one:)

on Thursday 24 Jun 2010 - 17:22 by terrie

Another great interview but please here my plea.Pastor and Luiz.please and thank you.:)

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