How well do you know your teammate?

We sat down with Alberto Valerio and Vladimir Arabadzhiev from Scuderia Coloni. If the tall Brazilian is one of the most famous faces in the GP2 paddock thanks to his raucous laugh that can be heard from miles away, his charming and mellow personality and his great maiden win in 2009, it is about time that we learn more about the only Bulgarian driver of our Series.

What did you know about each other before you became teammate?

Alberto: I knew Vladimir did Formula Masters and that he is a nice guy.

Vladimir: Oh thank you.

Alberto: Don’t mention it! And he is interested in training as well. We have that in common...

Vladimir: I didn’t know a lot about Alberto before we became teammates. I just knew that he was quick which is good for me because I don’t have so much experience. I think he had really good results last season. He is a cool guy.

Alberto: You didn’t have to say that you know. (Laughs his trademark laugh)

Vladimir: But it is true!

Alberto: You can add that I play Playstation very well too (Laughs)

Vladimir: Right! You beat me when we play football. Brazilians are good in football!

(Both laugh)

Alberto: Bulgaria played really well in ’94.

Vladimir: But we are a much smaller country. It’s more difficult to find talents in football or in motorsports for that matter. There is no awareness about Motor Racing in Bulgaria.

Alberto: Yeah. It’s the same in Brazil. We know nothing about motor racing in Brazil! (Both laugh)

What are his greatest strengths?

Vladimir: I don’t know... It’s a secret!

Alberto: I don’t have nothing special! (Laughs) He is really focus.


Any weaknesses?

Alberto: I think he is not as well-prepared as the other rookies like Bianchi – these guys have the best people around them and they are prepared well before-hand to step up in a GP2. Vladimir is in the same position as me when I arrived in GP2 three years ago: it was really, really hard. If you are not prepared, you only have six days of tests at the beginning of the season. That’s it! Then you have thirty minutes to prepare before qualifying on a track that you have never raced on before. It’s not easy. Unless you have a support like Bianchi has... He is lucky: since he started in motorsport, he just had to follow the path that people have prepared for you. Now he is super talented, that’s not the point. He just had it a bit easier than others like me or Vladimir. Some guys arrive more prepared.

Vladimir: I don’t know about your weaknesses yet. You are super focused and you have the speed. You are a powerful guy!

Who gets to the circuit last?

Alberto: We come together most of the time because we stay in the same hotel and we share a car. We come together and leave together. Except in Monaco because I live there...

Who is the wildest one on track and off the track?

(Alberto laughs)

Alberto: It depends of the circumstances. I think I can be considered as the wildest one on track. I have to be more calm... Outside the track, I think Vladimir is the craziest. Especially at the wheel of a road car!

Vladimir: That’s supposed to be a secret...

(Both laugh)

Alberto: Once, I was very proud that I had pushed my car up to 260km/h and Vladimir made fun of me because he pushed his car to 320km/h!

Vladimir: 335 actually... But I’m not proud.

Alberto: Right!



Who is the most successful with the ladies?

Alberto: At the moment I am the one who is the least successful because I broke up with my girlfriend. We had been together for eight year’s...

Vladimir: That’s way too long... You have to change more often!

Alberto: Well, right now, my target is only GP2.

Vladimir: So, ok, I’m the most successful with the ladies. Bulgarian girls are famous: they are beautiful. You cannot really stop at one girl you know...

Are you superstitious?

Vladimir: Not so much... I can have a lucky charm sometime to broke the bad luck. Like Caramel the camel!

Alberto: A little bit. I usually keep the same colour of underwear if qualifying go well.

Vladimir: I hope you change it!

Alberto: Yes. It’s only the colour. I’m not like Felipe Massa who doesn’t change his underwear if he did well in qualifying...

Vladimir: Are you sure you were allowed to divulge this information?!

(Both laugh)

Coloni Boys

Who will have the best road car in 10 years time?

Alberto: Vladimir.

Vladimir: Why?

Alberto: Because me, I always have to drive my dad, my mom, their luggage, etc… I’m a taxi driver to my family!

Who will have the most beautiful wife?

Vladimir: Me, I hope.

Alberto: Same.

How would you describe your teammate?

Vladimir: He is a good guy.

Alberto: So is he.

Who has the best fashion-sense?

Alberto: No matter, we lose to the Italians. Paolo (Coloni) beats us all!

Vladimir: Absolutely...

Who is the shyest?

Vladimir: I am not shy...

Alberto: Me neither.

Who is your favourite sportsman or sportswoman?

Vladimir: I respect all sportsmen. Everyone is working hard at improving...

Alberto: Bolt. He is the man of the moment.

Vladimir: True.

Alberto: He is amazing.

Who tells the most jokes?

Alberto: Do we really need to answer that question?

(Both laugh)

Vladimir: It helps to keep away the pressure.

Alberto, if you were going to invite Vladimir for dinner, what would you cook? Same question for Vladimir...

Vladimir: I cannot cook. He will be hungry! But if I did cook, I would cook some pasta.

Alberto: Pasta and Bulgarian girls. That will keep me happy!

Vladimir: Our food is a mix between Turkey, Greece... Our food is fantastic.__

Alberto: That’s Churrascaria for us.

Who has the most contacts in their phone?

Alberto: I have around 200.

Vladimir: I have around 250

Alberto: It’s because you have more girls in your phone than me!

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