How well do you know your teammate?

When we met with the Dams’ funny and laid-back pair we never expected to find out who thinks sorbets are healthier than ice creams, who simply cannot tell long jokes and who races... commando. And all the above is about the same driver! Find out which one now.

What did you know about each other before you became teammate?

Ho-Pin: Too much unfortunately! I’ve known him for quite a while

Jerome: First time we met was end of 2003.

Ho-Pin: True, in Formula 3000. We were both a bit younger. Now we are not much wiser, just a bit older.

(Laughs). We have been training together also for a while.

Jerome: Our paths have crossed a few times before this season...

What are his greatest strengths?

Jerome: Well... uh...

Ho-Pin: Jerome is very good at joggling

Jerome: Ho-Pin is very good in IT. If you have a problem with your computer, your GPS or anything like that, you can call Ho-Pin!

Ho-Pin: Asian blood I guess.


Jerome: Ho-Pin is an honest guy. He is a very good teammate.

Any weaknesses?

Ho-Pin: He gets distracted by the girls!


Jerome: Look who is talking?! More seriously, I don’t really know what your weaknesses are. Ask me again in Monza!

Ho-Pin: I know one of your weaknesses: ice cream! And when you feel bad about hqving one, you say “Or maybe I should get a sorbet. It’s healthier than ice cream no?”

(Both laugh)

Who gets to the circuit last?

Jerome: We always more or less get to the track at the same time. I think I was later than you today, but yesterday, it was you.

Ho-Pin: Depends on which hotel we stay.

Who is the wildest one on track and off the track?

Jerome: On the circuit...?

Ho-Pin: Maybe you.

Jerome: Sometimes... I don’t know. Off track... We cannot spill all our secrets.

Ho-Pin: No, but we can talk about the time when you decided to prove that you could eat spicy food. We were with Andi Zuber in Austria two years ago. We went to a Chinese restaurant and everybody was bragging that they could eat spicy food and Jerome at the end wanted to give the final shot to everybody.

Jerome: I did. And I sort of regretted it: I was sweating like crazy. It was horrible. But I did beat them all!

Who is the most successful with the ladies?

Jerome: Ho-Pin definitely.

Ho-Pin: Why?

Jerome: You know how to chat up a girl. He is naturally really, really nice. He is that guy who will sit at a table full of strangers and just start chatting and then get up for a drink and offer one to everybody. The girls appreciate that sometimes when the boys are nice to them!

Ho-Pin: You have a lot of stories as well

Jerome: Yes, but shut up!

(Both laugh)

Ho-Pin: It’s hard to judge who is the most successful

Jerome: We should go out one night and see who gets the most girls

Ho-Pin: We don’t really appeal to the same people

Jerome: Which is actually good. They will either like me or you!

Ho-Pin: Will this competition happen in China or Europe?

(Both laugh)

Jerome: No Matter, you are three years older than me, so you are more experienced. There, you win!

Ho-Pin: But you have more practice!

(Both laugh)

Are you superstitious?

Jerome: What is the point of walking under the ladder if you can walk around it?

Ho-Pin: I always get in the car from the same side. But that’s for comfort, not superstition.

Jerome: Me too. Always from the left side

Ho-Pin: Me, from the right

Jerome: Oh, big mistake!

Ho-Pin: Anyway, it is important to say that I change my underwear everyday, and new socks everyday...

Jerome: Normally it’s not legal to wear normal underwear when you race apart from Nomex. That’s all I’m going to say...

Ho-Pin: You race commando?!

Jerome: I’m wearing only legal Nomex things. I’m not saying that I’m racing commando!

Ho-Pin: Too late!

Who will have the best road car in 10 years time?

Ho-Pin: So far, I’ve never had one.

Jerome: I think we will both have the best of what Renault will make in ten years

Ho-Pin: What he said!

(Both Laugh)

Who will have the most beautiful wife?

Jerome: It depends

Ho-Pin: It depends if you win a lot of money

Jerome: What?!

Ho-Pin: You said I was the most successful with the ladies, so you need money to be more appealing than me!

How would you describe your teammate?

Jerome: Don’t you say “rabbit” because that was Kamui’s answer last year!

Ho-Pin: Why?

Jerome: I don’t know! It’s Kamui!

(Both laugh)

Ho-Pin: Well it means “lucky” in Chinese mythology

Jerome: Really?

Ho-Pin: No, of course not!

Who has the best fashion-sense?

Ho-Pin: Taste is different. You have the most expensive clothes!

Jerome: Look at the shoes I’m wearing right now and look at yours. Yours are much nicer.

Ho-Pin: Somebody gave them to me

Jerome: It’s the same! I came here today with a tee-shirt and you came with a shirt

Who is the shyest?

Jerome: It depends with who. In a racing environment...

Ho-Pin: Jerome is very chatty, but in some occasions, not so much

Jerome: I’m not shy.

Ho-Pin: No. But sometimes, you need some push.

Who is your favourite sportsman or sportswoman?

Jerome: Lance Armstrong and Usain Bolt

Ho-Pin: Any sports athlete really. Everybody excels in what they are doing and deserves our respect as long as they give their 100%. But I will say Yao Ming, the basketball player.

Who tells the most jokes?

Ho-Pin: Jerome

Jerome: No! Yes, ok... Ho-Pin is more of a story-teller. I cannot do that. I never get the ending right you know! Short jokes I can handle, long jokes, I get lost...

Ho-Pin: Because you get distracted easily...

Jerome, if you were going to invite Ho-Pin for dinner, what would you cook? Same question for Ho-Pin...

Jerome: Not rice although he loves it. I want him to discover something new. I will make some good French fries cooked in a special Belgium way and I will cook a Fricadelle and after that, in the next qualifying, he will lose a second!

Ho-Pin: I will make you a very spicy meal! More seriously, I’m not a good cook.

Jerome: Me neither, I’ll have my mom cook for me! Actually, I saw her once have take out and serve it as if she had cooked it herself. She is going to kill me for saying that!

Ho-Pin: ah... Then, I will take you to my parents’ restaurant. Chinese food is good. It’s not all about strange things that we put in our food.

Who has the most contacts in their phone?

Jerome: Let’s check!

Ho-Pin: I think it is you. I’ve just cleaned my SIM card.

Jerome: Let’s check our BBM – I’ve got 87

Ho-Pin: I have 25

Jerome: I win!


on Sunday 23 May 2010 - 21:28 by Donna

Lovely, a spambot that likes GP2...

I do love the team mate interviews, they're hilarious! Who's next?

Hopefully I'll be able to catch the cars in action for free practice in Turkey before I have to fly back!

on Thursday 27 May 2010 - 12:27 by terrie

Once again i loved the interviews.I look forward to reading these full of insight into the drivers and witty too.Please i have been waiting since last season for an interview Pastor Maldonado. Please please i cant wait much longer.

on Friday 28 May 2010 - 16:59 by ProtoSpecs

Nice to see different questions for a change.

on Thursday 3 Jun 2010 - 17:02 by Felina

Fantastic dams's boys!!!
Jerome, please give me your number ;)

on Sunday 25 Jul 2010 - 14:47 by MartinLeona31

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