How well do you know your teammate?

iSport's racers share more than five letters...

What did your teammate do before landing a GP2 drive?

Giedo: F3000

Diego: You did what?

Giedo: No, you did.

Diego: I did what?

Giedo: F3000… before GP2 you know.

Diego: Ah! I didn’t listen to the question!

Giedo: It’s started you know.

Diego: Sorry (Laughs). You were in World Series by Renault.

What are his greatest strengths?

Giedo: High Speed corners.

Diego: Slow speed corners… (Laughs) If we put everything together we win everything!

What are his weaknesses?

Giedo: That’s a good one… (He thinks) I think sometimes he forgets some stuffs.

Diego: Like what?

Giedo: Like the question you know! (Laughs)

Diego: I don’t know… I have no idea. I haven’t seen a weakness yet.

Who gets the latest to the track?

Diego: We always come together.

Giedo: So we are never later or earlier. Sometimes, we even hold hands.

Diego: (Laughs) I arrived nine minutes late to the signing session this morning, but I followed the GPS. It’s sh*t! “In one hundred meters, turn right”. I turn you know. I think it knows better than me. Then I get stuck in traffic. Boom! I’m late.

Who is the wildest on track // off track?

Giedo: Diego…

Diego: On track?

Giedo: No, on track, there’s not a lot of difference between the two of us. But off track, you are the wildest.

Diego: No! You are much crazier than me. Maybe because you are Dutch… I think we talk too much. It’s true, but it’s ok.

Giedo: We are not so wild on track.

Diego: Yeah, not like… I’m not gonna say! (Laughs)

Who is the most successful with the ladies?

Diego: We are both almost married you know.

Giedo: So we are not looking for girls.

Diego: We are still both successful. My girlfriend is nice so we are both lucky.

Giedo: I got together with my girlfriend six years ago and you have been with yours for five… So… When I finished Go Kart I had some time off and I met her and we are together still.

Who will have the nicest car in ten years?

Diego: The best car? Hmm…

Giedo: You never know.

Diego: Giedo wants an airplane!

Giedo: I would like to be in a F1 in ten years and in one of the top teams of course!

Diego: Same.

Who will have the most beautiful wife in ten years?

Giedo: Me!

Diego: I hope me! But I already know that mine will be the loudest though! I swear! Put two Brazilian girls together and it’s like you are in a chicken coop! When my girlfriend’s sister is here with my sister and my girlfriend come to the races, they never shut up! (Laughs) And then you get Valerio sitting there, laughing his loud laugh!

Giedo: d’Ambrosio is also bad when it comes to laugh you know.

(Both iSport men start imitating Valerio and d’Ambrosio’s laughs)

How best would you describe your teammate?

Giedo: A good friend

Diego: Same. We are similar: we are not shy, we talk a lot.

Giedo: For me, it has not been an easy year although it’s going better now. But as a teammate I couldn’t have had a better one.

Who has the best fashion sense?

Giedo: Me.

Diego: No! No way! I’m sorry, but I have to reveal that you wear pink underwear all the time! And you like to show them! It hurts the eyes!

Giedo: Whenever I change and you walk in on me, it’s true you do get a little bit scared of my choice of underwear.

Diego: I took pictures. You want them for the blog? I mean it’s pink! You have to take a picture or no one will believe you! I mean, he was checking the data in his underwear! I have at least five pictures.

Giedo: Hey! It’s good fashion to wear pink underwear. In Holland, we have good and big brands like McGreggor.

Diego: In Brazil, we have the sun. We don’t need clothes…

Who is the shyest?

Diego: Nobody!

Giedo: I think I am less than you.

Diego: No. I’m worse than you?

Giedo: You have to know people first. You are always shy in front of the camera.

Diego: No, I’m only pretending to be serious! Or else people will ask “Who is this crazy person?”

Who is your favourite sportsman? Sportswoman?

Diego: Can I say Senna?

Giedo: For me Lance Armstrong.

Diego: Bolt! And woman? The Brazilian girl married to Pizzonia: Maureen Maggi. She’s very good. She won the Olympics.

Giedo: I don’t watch women’s sports.

Who tells the most jokes?

Giedo: I think it’s 50/50. I tell bad jokes all the time!

Diego: You like to joke with me. Our first test in Barcelona, I was having a yogurt and he told me: “Did you smell that? It smells really bad; I think it’s not good anymore”. So I smelled it and he spread it all over my face. He did the same to my girlfriend with some ice cream!

Giedo: Yeah… It’s a bad joke.

Diego: But we are working on how to get him back.

Diego, if you were to invite Giedo to dinner, what would you cook? Same for Giedo?

Diego: Ah! I was expecting this question!

Giedo: I think I would not cook Italian because that’s what we eat at the track… Probably some Dutch food. My girlfriend can cook also Japanese or Chinese. I know how to cook eggs!

Diego: Pop corn, eggs… I

Giedo: Or a Panini.

Diego: I would cook feijoada. It’s like black beans with some pork in the middle and caipirinha!

Giedo: That’s not food.

Diego: But to us it’s typical food! And rice… And Brazilian stuff.

Giedo: I’ll have a beer.

Who has the most contacts in their phone?

Giedo: Diego has two phones so he wins.

Diego: I think I have 18… Wait… I have two phones.

(Diego takes out both phones out of his pocket)

Diego: I have the same contacts in both phones.

(Giedo also checks his phone)

Giedo: I’m sure we will lose to Karun Chandhok no matter what. I have 333.

Diego: How can you see?

(Giedo helps him out)

Diego: I have… 58!

(Both laugh. Diego checks his other phone)

Diego: No, look I have more than that in this phone. (As he scrolls down) A, B, C, D, E… It has to be more than 50… Ah! 170. That’s better!

Giedo: It says you have 900 voice mails.

Diego: No! It’s the number to call the voice mail stupid!

Giedo: “This is Vodaphone. You have 900 voice mails

(Both laugh)

Giedo: I like to make fun of you.

Diego: Yeah, that’s painful!

(Checks again his phone)

Diego: I have 170. That’s good now… So how many did you say Chandhok has?

Giedo: Over a thousand.

Diego: What? How is that possible? No, seriously. I need to give him my phone. Or maybe he already has it! I’m gonna go around the paddock and go “Hi! I’m Diego. Can I have your phone number?” to everyone. I hope this will help me beat him.

Giedo: I don’t care. As long as I beat him on the track!

Diego: Ok, but I have twitter and maybe I have more followers than him!


on Friday 18 Sep 2009 - 23:43 by terrie

Thank you thank you.. I have laughed and enjoyed all the blogs and team mate interviews but i am a little sad as i keep asking for Pastor and Nico to be interviewed.Please please please what does one have to do to get this interview. Alexa now would be a good time to work that magic.
Your loyal reader and fan.

on Saturday 19 Sep 2009 - 11:08 by Donna

I think this is my favourite team mate interview so far, these two are like a comedy duo!

on Saturday 19 Sep 2009 - 11:26 by LAPD

Giedo: You allways want 2 be the best - nothing Changed! Think about It!

on Saturday 19 Sep 2009 - 12:08 by Orkun

Thank you for all Gp2 series (media/technical/hospitalty/organisation)personel, Mr.David,Mrs.Alexa,Mr.Staurenghi,Mr.Codelli,Mrs,Dudot,Mr.Dudot,Mr.Jacquet and of course Mr.Bruno Michael and the other personel that I did not write their names to here for these interviews and this incredable blog and this wonderfull series...Thank you for 2009 season..Thank you for your effort...

on Saturday 19 Sep 2009 - 16:27 by Natalia

I think this was the best teammate interview!!! not only because I'm Diego's sister-in-law (who he said that when is together with his sister and his girlfriend never shuts up!) but this both guys are totaly crazy!!!! they are soooo funny! always making everyone laugh!!! they are the perfect teammates!!! I think they could leave cars and start a comedy programme on tv, it will be the best one for sure....

on Monday 21 Sep 2009 - 11:06 by Giggles

Honestly, I loved all these, but this one is just brilliant. And I'd love to see those pink underwear pictures *wink wink*
I want these two in F1, just for the lolz.
Also, please please Nico/Pastor interview? Please?
Thanks for making me laugh very very hard!

on Monday 21 Sep 2009 - 15:31 by Hayley

I knew people would find Diego and Giedo funny if you want to see pictures of Giedo's underwear I'll see about posting some on iSport official twitter page @iSportOfficial

on Sunday 4 Oct 2009 - 08:54 by Polm

Great interview :)

on Thursday 19 Nov 2009 - 01:15 by juls

Thanx for this interview!!

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