Here comes the rain again

Falling on my head like ... a hell of a lot of water, actually

If it's Monza, a signing session with Luca Filippi can't be far away. The laid back Italian absolutely loves his fans, and will always go the extra few yards to make sure that they get whatever they want from him: when he's at his home race he seems to constantly have a pen in his hand to sign something, or his arm around someone else as he waits for the flash, a broad grin spread wide across his face.

This weekend, however, he wasn't quite his happy go lucky self: “I am not so very lucky this weekend,” he sighed, a smile nevertheless still playing around the edges of his mouth. “I arrived here on Thursday, and we had the race suits stolen. And even before that, first my chief mechanic had a baby, so he can't come to the race.

“For sure I'm very happy for him, of course, but he was replaced by somebody, and then he goes up to take a picture and breaks his arm! And then last night my engineer Sean eats a fish and he gets a bone stuck in his throat, and he is in the hospital still. I am all alone! So now I will ask my father to change the tyres, get my girlfriend to be on the jack, and I think I will get you to be on the lollypop!”

Straight after that it was back to the paddock and into the iSport pits for the next teammates interview. The photoshoot was first, with Al providing the entertainment for the boys by tripping over a jack as he moved out for a long shot. Now I understand why our passes state that motorsport is dangerous.

Giedo might have been complaining about the heat, but Diego found a novel way to cool down:



Make sure you read the article next week: after the stunning breadth of contacts on Karun's phone you can find out who is his polar opposite, as well as a novel reason for why Brazilians don't have to worry about fashion.

And before we knew it, it was time to go out onto the grid. Which means only one thing: rain. If a picture is worth a thousand words, there but be at least a short story here:



Didier after a swim


Gaëtan Jego from ART looking miserable - that's because he didn't know the camera was on him...

But one man was having a blast: Giedo van der Garde's race engineer Richard Selwin!


Vitaly lost a lot of time when Michael Herck spun in front of him, but there is no question that Giedo was on the money today. Is the championship written, or is there one last shock to play out? Tomorrow has a lot to live up to, but there have been a number of truly amazing sprint races here in the past...

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