How well do you know your teammate?

Where you will learn which Dams driver needs help from their team manager and which one loses their phone… every two months!

What did your teammate do before landing a GP2 drive?

Jérôme: He sold sushi in Japan! (Laughs) No, seriously, he was in Formula 3 Euro Series with ART.

Kamui: He was selling French Fries… He won Formula Master.

What are his greatest strengths?

Kamui: Strengths? (He thinks hard… or falls asleep. We’re not sure at this point)

Jérôme: I hope you will think as hard when we have the questions regarding my weaknesses! (Laughs)

Kamui: I think his strong point is that he talks a lot with his engineers. I don’t.

Jérôme: I think he is very good at adjusting to the car.

What are his weaknesses?

Jérôme: He doesn’t speak a lot with the engineers! (Laughs)

Kamui: It’s true! … (He thinks again long and hard before coming up with an answer regarding Jérôme’s weaknesses)

Jérôme: Thank you!

Kamui: … (He thinks some more)… I don’t know. Normally, I don’t think about that kind of stuff. I usually just think about how I can improve myself.

Jérôme: Just say something so I can prove you wrong.

Kamui: I really don’t know.

Jérôme: So basically, I have none. Moving on to the next question!


Who gets the latest to the track?

Jérôme: It’s 50-50… It depends.

Kamui: What he says!

Jérôme: But we are on time. So that’s what counts really.

Who is the wildest on track // off track?

Jérôme: Do we really have to answer that question? It’s Kamui of course!

Kamui: Not off track! I’m very shy and very serious.

Jérôme: Yeah. Right! Come on! Don’t lie! Remember how wild you were when we celebrated our title in Bahrain?

Kamui: (Does not answer, but does smile widely)

Who is the most successful with the ladies?

Kamui: Jérôme!

Jérôme: No, Kamui!

Kamui: No, no. You never know.

Jérôme: You are quite good at chatting up with girls.

Kamui: I’m not so good.

Jérôme: Well, you try a lot.

Kamui: You do to.

Jérôme: Yeah, but it works less… Well, except from when Jean-Paul Driot helps me and tells me what to say. By the way, it works! Although he did embarrass me a couple of times (Laughs)


Who will have the nicest car in ten years?

Kamui: Oh! But I have to say a Toyota!

Jérôme: (Laughs)

Kamui: Are you trying to get me in trouble?!

Jérôme: Come on! What is your dream car?

Kamui: A Lexus.

Jérôme: What? No Porsche or Ferrari?

Kamui: Hey! Last time, you took my car to drive to Dams and you told me that it was a very good car!

Jérôme: It’s true, but you are putting me in trouble now! (Laughs)

Who will have the most beautiful wife in ten years?

Jérôme: You think you are going to have a wife in ten years? I don’t think so (Laughs)… It’s a difficult question. Time will tell.

Kamui: It’s not easy! Come on! What if my girlfriend reads this?!

Jérôme: (Laughs)

Kamui: This goes on the website! Maybe she will go to the blog and read this! I cannot answer that question!

Jérôme: Oh! Good point!

How best would you describe your teammate?

Kamui: I think it depends on the week: some weeks, Jérôme is a rabbit, other weeks, I don’t know…

Jérôme: Kamui is a wild cat.

Kamui: No, I’m like Alfred, my dog!

Who has the best fashion sense?

Jérôme: Kamui!

Kamui: No.

Jérôme: No. Shut up. You do!

Kamui: I have a Japanese style you know?

Jérôme: I like it.

Kamui: It’s different for every country. Who decides which one is the best? As long as I like it, it’s good.

Jérôme: Yeah, but me, with a tee-shirt and a pair of jeans, I’m good to go. I don’t really care.


Who is the shyest?

Kamui: Me.

Jérôme: Come on! It’s me. On the track, no. But outside, I’m the shyest! (Laughs) I’ve just realised that Kamui answers “me” to every question!

Kamui: No, but I am shy. When I have to speak, I do it. But I don’t like it because I don’t always know the people.

Who is your favourite sportsman? Sportswoman?

Jérôme: Today, it’s Usain Bolt. He is amazing. I like Lance Armstrong. I really like him too. Oh! And Valentino Rossi. He’s number one!

Kamui: I don’t know. I don’t really care…

Who tells the most jokes?

Kamui: Jérôme.

Jérôme: I tell bad jokes (Laughs)

Kamui, if you were to invite Jérôme to dinner, what would you cook? Same for Jérôme?

Kamui: Cook? Japanese food. I’m a very good cook. My girlfriend is not interested in food! It’s so frustrating. She doesn’t care about food. I cannot have a sandwich for dinner, but she can. So I cook for myself. So, Jérôme, I would be happy to cook for you!

Jérôme: I’ll make French fries and waffles. You love them right? But I don’t know how to cook, so I’ll ask my mom to cook for you (Laughs)!

Who has the most contacts in their phone?

Jérôme: I don’t know. I never checked. Probably Kamui.

Kamui: I always lose my phone. So I always lose my contacts. Last December, I lost my Japanese phone because I put it in the bag with everything else and then checked it in on the plane. And someone stole it at the airport in Paris. I didn’t finish the contract with the phone company. I received the invoice last month: it was of 2000 Euros!

Jérôme: You did not finish the contract? You are crazy!!

Kamui: I know! Now I’m trying to tell the company “I lost my phone! It was stolen!”

Jérôme: So how do we get in touch with you?

Kamui: I don’t know! I lose my phone every two months… I lose all the contacts every time!

Jérôme: I’ll introduce you to Outlook Express (Laughs)

Kamui: I always put my phone in my luggage and then they steal my bag at the airport. I’m sure in Paris there is a place where they sell stolen items. I’m sure I could find eighteen of my bags there!

Jérôme: And maybe your phones too!


on Friday 28 Aug 2009 - 02:43 by terrie

As always great interview.I found them very amusing.It was a great idea to interview team mates but please can we have Pastor and Nico.I cant wait any longer.
Thank you.

on Friday 28 Aug 2009 - 16:34 by FOXI

Most entertaining... especially the part about the girls :) laughed a LOT!!! As always, great job. Bon Chance pour le weekend!

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