How well do you know your teammate?

Lucas di Grassi and Dani Clos share some thoughts... and the same sense of sarcasm!

What did your teammate do before landing a GP2 drive?

Dani: We did the same. F3 Euro Series. We know each other well.

Lucas: We spent one year in the RDD Programme together before being teammates for Fat Burner Racing Engineering. Dani was in F3 Euro Series last season.

What are his greatest strengths?

Dani: His experience.

Lucas: He is fast.

Dani: I’m lovely.

Lucas: I don’t know about that… You are professional, that’s for sure.

What are his weaknesses?

Lucas: At this stage, his lack of experience in GP2. Most of the guys, even rookies like Hülkenberg, it’s not the same because they raced in GP2 Asia. Dani, when he arrived in Barcelona for the opening of the championship, it was the first GP2 weekend ever for him.

Dani: For now, I’ve seen no weaknesses in Lucas. He is really strong both mentally and with the car. He’s the man! See? I’m lovely.

Who gets the latest to the track?

Lucas: We come together.

Dani: We are like a couple Laughs

Lucas: We share the same car.

Dani: Actually, I’m the first one to wake up.

Lucas: You are the first one at breakfast!

Who is the wildest on track // off track?

Lucas: Well, on track, that’s proportional to the amount of experience you have, I think. When you are not that experienced, it’s normal to make more mistakes and to push more.

Dani: I agree.

Lucas: Off track, … hmm…

Dani: I will also pass…

Who is the most successful with the ladies?

Lucas: Definitely me, but I have a girlfriend. Actually, I would have been more successful if I didn’t have a girlfriend!

Dani: No, no! We are equally successful, but we are both in a relationship so…

Who will have the nicest car in ten years?

Lucas: Actually, Dani will. He will spend all his money in the car.

Dani: I don’t care about the car. I drive a Smart now…

Who will have the most beautiful wife in ten years?

Lucas: My girlfriend is younger so she is more beautiful!

Dani: I have the nicest girlfriend now, so, you know, my wife will look nicer than yours!

How best would you describe your teammate?

Lucas: Definitely an animal! A lama! The one that spits!

Dani: No, you say that because of my hair… You could be Timon from the Lion King

Lucas: Laughs Mufasa yes, but not Timon! Come on!

Who has the best fashion sense?

Lucas: If you think that Spaniards have a good fashion sense, then definitely Dani. But if you don’t…

Dani: Spanish people have great fashion sense! Better than Brazilians

Lucas: If you say so…

Who is the shyest?

Dani: Me

Lucas: Yeah, right! Laughs

Who is your favourite sportsman? Sportswoman?

Lucas: At the moment… He thinks Actually, I’ve picked up golf recently, and it is quite difficult. So, I might have to say Tiger Woods.

Who tells the most jokes?Dani: Lucas. You are laughing all the time.

Lucas: Are you kidding? I am the most serious person in the paddock!

Dani: Sure… And Brazilians have great fashion sense! Laughs


Dani, if you were to invite Lucas to dinner, what would you cook? Same question for Lucas.

Lucas: What can I cook? I will make some pot noodles in the microwave. It’ll be ready in two minutes. If you want to eat, you eat. If you don’t, just go away Laughs. Dani knows how to make pan con tomate that is really good.

Dani: You remember?

Lucas: You did when we were at the RDD once.

Dani: I would cook that again then. Anything to make you happy! And by the way, I would be very happy with your pot noodles!

Lucas: Laughs

Who has the most contacts in their phone?

Lucas: I don’t know… But one day, I will be the President of Brazil. It will be very nice.

Dani: Laughs “Who has the most imagination of this room” should be the question!

Lucas: Laughs But regarding the contacts in our phones, I think it’s Dani who has the most because I delete quite a few in my phone…

Dani: Girls’ phone numbers?

Lucas: Of course!


on Friday 21 Aug 2009 - 11:28 by Giggles

Oh my god, thanks so much for this! I've been looking forward to the interview since the snippet in one of the earlier mags. This is gold! Epic. *giggles*

on Friday 21 Aug 2009 - 14:17 by Mialo

Well guys, you can't imagine how I love this interview!!!! They must be the best couple in GP2!! lol
If this is not just words but a video, it will be much better, for sure, I'll buy it!! XD

on Monday 24 Aug 2009 - 04:26 by Terrie

Very good reading.I love the banter between the team mates.It is great to see that they are competitive but can still joke and laugh with each other. We also get some great insight into the drivers not just what they do on the track.Keep up the great work.

on Friday 28 Aug 2009 - 00:52 by Brigi

How awesome interview!!! Great job! Thank you for it!
There are a lot of interview things, their friendship, much background information...and aw..funny couple! :D
The Best Team! :)

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